8 killed, 9 injured in suicide bombing on Afghan scholars"mickey mouse wristbands meeting

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KABUL - Eight people were killed and nine others injured after a suicide bombing ripped through a university where top Afghan religious scholars were having a meeting in the western part of Kabul city on Monday, Kabul police spokesman said.

The blast occurred roughly at 11:30 am local time at the gate of Kabul Poly Technique University where a religious scholars" meeting was held in a major hall, the spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai tweeted.

The attack came shortly after the meeting ended. The participants denounced terrorism and called for peace.

The killed included six civilians, one police and the assailant, he said. Those among the injured were seven civilians.

It was not immediately known whether the civilians who lost their lives were participants of the event.

Earlier on Monday morning, scores of Afghan security forces were deployed at the area to ensure security for the meeting.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

The capital city has been hit by series of terror attacks over the past couple of years.

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